Best Multi-Child Stroller Reviews

best triplet stroller

There really is nothing to prepare you for the news that you’ve got triplets or quads on the way.

Aside from the obvious elation, you’ll also be faced with a number of immediate and pressing logistical worries…

How will you ever afford all those supplies three of fours times over?

And when it comes to strollers, will you even be able to find one that’s up to the job without requiring a bank loan or weeks of research?

We can’t really help you with the first problem but we can definitely save you heaps of time and money when it comes to sourcing the best multi-child stroller.

We’ve gone for a fairly even split today with – fittingly – three strollers designed expressly for triplets along with a couple for four passengers.

We’ll get straight down to business with our multi-child stroller reviews but first a quick disclaimer…

Usually, we limit ourselves to products that don’t just bear our seal of approval but also come with a solid body of satisfied users to back this up. With these multi-child strollers, bear in mind that very few parents actually have triplets or quads. Significantly less than 1% of all births involve three or four children so don’t be put off if you don’t see strollers with large numbers of happy customers waxing lyrical. You can take our word for it, all these prams are rock-solid choices so read on to see which makes the best fit for your growing family…

5 Best Multi-Child Stroller Reviews

Whether you’ve got triplets or three children very close together in age, the Trio Sport up first in our multi-child stroller reviews is a pocket-friendly option to help you peg expenses from the get-go.

What is the latest price for this seat?

We’ll be frank right from the get-go and make it clear that Foundations strollers are by no means perfect but we try to cater for all price points and a variety of needs so we’ve included a couple of these multi-child strollers today and we’ll draw your attention to the downsides while also making it clear how they excel in more ways than just price.

Firstly, a glance at the core features. We’ve kept these the same across all the strollers so you can cross-check the key metrics more easily. We’ve also stopped short of bombarding you with more than the basic data since we know how easy it is to get bogged down in unnecessary statistics when you’re hunting down baby equipment. Everything we bring to you is the result of our own experience when searching for strollers and car seats and we try to bring you what we found lacking when we were researching for own equipment years back.

Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller Features

  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Dimensions: 48 x 22 x 20 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 40 pounds per seat
  • Age Range: 3 months and above
  • Brake: Foot brake

We often lead off our reviews with a negative since sometimes a given flashpoint will be an absolute deal-breaker for you. If that’s the case, we’ve saved you even more time and you can scroll straight down to the next product. With the Trio Sport, that issue involves the brakes so we’ll elaborate on that before moving on…

On the surface, the assisted braking is a real boon. Start moving down a hill and the brakes will stop your stroller from running away from you. A few disgruntled mothers have reported that these brakes can either engage too fully or fail to kick in as expected. A few other complaints center on the need to push down so the brakes don’t end up rubbing the tires.

In the interests of accuracy, this was absolutely not our experience but we feel duty bound to raise the issue so you don’t run into any unexpected problems. You should also be clear that the Trio Sport doesn’t come with the SafeBreak system that the sister LX3 model boasts. Some of the marketing literature doesn’t make this particularly transparent.

This Sports model is smaller, shorter and lighter than the LX3 and it’s also a little wider. That said, it will fit through standard doorways without scraping up your knuckles on the way through. Don’t be under any illusion this is a jogger stroller, though. As with any multi-child stroller, maneuverability is not really at a premium. Let’s face it, though, if you’re pushing three kids along, you’re hardly likely to be looking at setting any land speed records in any case!

The payoff for a more robust and bulky stroller is that you’ll get a solid unit built to stay the distance. Build quality belies the budget price tag and you’ll get a very stable pram that feels rock-solid.

Assembly is child’s play and you’ll be good to hit the park more or less straight out the box. The same certainly can’t be said for all multi-child strollers.

Ride quality is impressive. The wheels come in for some bad press but we have to disagree with the party line once again here. The rubberized tires make steering reasonably easy, even when you’re pushing your three bundles of joy. All-wheel suspension ensures your charges will ride in comfort even if you’re trundling over uneven cobbles or paving.

The five-point safety harness performs its duty fully and you can tweak it easily through 3 height settings.

While the seats recline, the upright position really is pretty upright so make sure this is something you’re happy with before committing to purchase.

Individual sun canopies offer adequate sun protection so you can keep all your triplets safe from those harmful UV rays as you go about your business with a clear conscience. Foot rests don’t extend to all seats, though, so it’s only the front seat with this with the other two missing out. This is a relatively minor sacrifice and it’s understandable there will be some cost-cutting involved to bring in a multi-passenger stroller at this kind of price-point.

To round out the shower of benefits offered by the Trio Sport, the stroller folds down with ease and storage under the seats is sufficient for a large bag of diapers and the other essentials you’ll need for a walk with your triplets.

Check out a snapshot of the leading advantages and drawbacks before we round out with our verdict…

  • The Trio Sport is far more compact and lightweight than you might expect a multi-child stroller to be
  • All-wheel suspension and rubberized wheels deliver a smooth and cushioned ride even on uneven terrain
  • Brake assistance kicks in automatically when you move downhill or you can manually engage it if you need to make a sudden stop
  • Substantial sun canopy offering all the protection your triplets need and it can also be removed if required although this takes some work
  • As with any multi-child stroller, maneuverability can be awkward
  • You can’t attach car seats to this stroller so bear this in mind before committing to purchase
  • Some reported issues with brakes so do your own due diligence here


You should keep your expectations realistic when you’re investing in a multi-child stroller and especially one at this price point. With any product, you generally get what you pay for but that, in a sense, is one of the key selling points of the Foundations Trio Sport. While you’re getting incredible value for money, there are actually very few sacrifices you’ll need to make to qualify for this bargain.

As long as you’re not expecting a guided missile capable of rolling along at full clip while you head out for a run before work, you’ll be amazed at the build quality, comfort and safety of this multi-child stroller and we really can’t recommend it strongly enough.

Child Craft is a Foundations company and the budget model next up in our best multi-child stroller reviews comes is ideal if you’re operating on a stricter budget now you’ve got three extra mouths to feed. As with any cheaper baby stroller, you can’t expect a Rolls-Royce but Child Craft bring to bear over half a century of experience in this bulky but relatively nimble pram.

What is the latest price for this seat?

Take a quick glimpse at the main features before we outline where this stroller stands and falls…

Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller Features

  • Weight: 59 pounds
  • Dimensions: 56 x 32 ½ x 47 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 40 pounds per seat
  • Age Range: 3 months and above
  • Brake: SafeBreak System with handbrake

Perhaps the first key selling point of this multi-child stroller is the ease with which you can fold it down. If you’ve got your hands full with your triplets and all the equipment you’ll need when you’re heading out, the last thing you need is a tasky procedure and Child Craft keeps it simple for you with a pull-up-and-fold mechanism. Even given its size, the stroller breaks down into a relatively compact bundle and it will slot neatly into the trunk of most cars.

Seats are cushioned nicely so your bundles of joy get plenty of protection even on bumpier streets. This is enhanced by large wheels with shock absorbers so you can barrel along pretty swiftly without worrying about your kids getting a hell ride!

Protection from the sun is paramount on any stroller. With multi-child models, it’s impossible to get the same length of canopy due to the design but you’ll get enough shade to ensure those harmful UV rays don’t come beating down on your triplets even if it’s pretty fierce outside.

Capacity is pretty much standard for this class of triplet stroller. You can wheel along three kids of up to 40 pounds each as long as you can manage that combined weight. The frame and overall build quality are such that this is manageable even if it seems like rather a strain. Let’s be honest, pushing triplets is hardly an easy task whatever the vehicle and you’re far more likely to be making shorter trips out of necessity than going for long and rambling walks anyway.

The braking system on these multi-child strollers polarizes opinion. We drew your attention to this when outlining the Foundations parent brand stroller above and this model features the same SafeBreak System in place on the LX3. If you imagine a shopping trolley at the supermarket or one from the airport, you’ll get the idea of how engaging the brake on the handlebar frees up the wheels. When you’re pushing heavier weights, this is a valuable safety feature but a few customers have complained about this not working as smoothly as they’d like. You might experience some chafing of the wheels but ask yourself this… What’s the single most important element when you’re looking for a stroller? The safety of your kids, right?

And thinking of safety, that five-point harness on each seat acquits itself admirably so you can rest easy knowing all your precious charges are securely buckled in. Getting your kids in and out of the harness is fairly straightforward, another time-saver much like the folding mechanism.

We know only too well the seemingly endless bunch of supplies you need when you’ve got triplets in the house. This doesn’t thin out much when you’re on the move. The bottom of the stroller is one large storage basket so you’ll be able to pop in your bags of diapers, bottles, bags and pretty much everything else you need as long as you can deal with the weight.

Taking toddlers out is messy enough anyway, but when you’ve got triplets to think about, you need to think seriously about keeping your stroller clean or you’ll soon be rushing out to buy a replacement. The fabric is soft enough not to chafe, durable enough to stay the distance and remarkably easy to wipe down so you’ve got everything you need in one neat package here.

We’ve summarized the principal plus points and minor niggle with this multi-passenger stroller so take a quick look before we give you our verdict and move on to the wallet-busting Peg Perego…

  • Bulky stroller but built to accommodate 3 children of up to 40 pounds so an impressive combined weight capacity
  • Seats and canopies nicely lined and remarkably easy to clean
  • Rudimentary but effective folding mechanism is a nice touch and unexpected on a cheaper stroller
  • Pretty much unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Handlebar release system much like an airport luggage trolley which is a nice safety touch and very user-friendly
  • Some snags with operating the brakes for a few users so we’d suggest trying before you buy if at all possible although we found no issues when testing


Since this is a cheaper stroller, you need to be fairly realistic about what you’re buying into. The thing is, not everyone is looking for a wallet-busting pram – if you are, we’ve got the legendary Peg Perego Triplette up next! – and we feel this Child Craft model ticks all the main boxes without any dramatic downsides.

Also, you need to accept that maneuverability will always be relatively pedestrian when you’re pushing three children along. This is much the case with all multi-passenger strollers so we don’t dwell too much on this lack of agility in any of these reviews. It’s a given.

Overall, Child Craft serve up a pram that’s easy to clean, super-simple to fold down and good for triplets up to 40 pounds each so if that’s what you’re looking for an you don’t want to take out a loan for the privilege, road test this stroller and we’re confident you’ll soon be riding in style with your triplets riding in cushioned comfort.

No collection of the best multi-child stroller reviews would be complete without an appearance from the stellar Peg Perego. If you appreciate the finer things in life – and who doesn’t? – then this is the pram for you. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly pushchair, on the other hand, you should consider one of the other great models we look at today.

What is the latest price for this seat?

So, assuming you have the cash to splash, what makes this three-kid stroller such a home run?

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller Features

  • Weight: 65 ½ pounds
  • Dimensions: 23 ½ x 66 ¼ x 42 ¾ inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 45 pounds per seat
  • Age Range: 3 months and above
  • Brakes: Front and rear wheel brakes

Not everyone is looking for the cheapest multi-passenger system so at the mid-point of our multi-child stroller reviews, we felt compelled to include the enduringly popular Peg Perego Triplette. If you’ve been conducting your own research, you can’t have failed to see this top-tier model rear its head time and again and the reputation for quality is absolutely deserved but why?

While the base model doesn’t include car seats, the stroller we tested comes with them bundled so you’ll get even better value even if you need to dig a little deeper. You’ll make significant savings if you opt for this rather than buying them separately so ask yourself whether this is something you’d take full advantage of. We think the answer is highly likely to be “Yes, yes, yes!”

Thinking of seating, you’ll get the robust five-point harness you’d expect as standard on any stroller. The kids will get adequate wiggle room without being free to escape. The seats all rake back into a decent recline so you shouldn’t have any issues if your triplets need to snatch forty winks while you’re wheeling them around. The footrests are adjustable so you can fine-tune set-up as your infants grow rapidly into toddlers. Seats come with individual hoods and you can see through them clearly to keep a close eye on proceedings, crucial when it seems like you need three pairs of eyes!

The one-piece ergonomic handle promotes ease of movement and steering is simplified by what feels like a car steering wheel. While this stroller is pretty lengthy, it’s narrow enough to get through a regular doorway or elevator while maneuverability is excellent for a multi-passenger stroller.

As with any upscale model, you’ll be spoiled for choice with accessories and add-ons. Be warned, though, that these come with a correspondingly high price tag. From cushions and mosquito netting through cup holders and rain covers, you can customize your stroller just like you’d kit out your car with options so consider your needs along with the climate and consider ramping things up with what works best for you.

Storage is outstanding. The basket is sized to accommodate anything you might conceivably need for a trip to the park. We would draw your attention to access, though. Due to the positioning of the footrests, getting in and out of the basket can be awkward. That said, you’re far more likely to be reaching inside when you’ve arrived at your destination so this is a flaw worth mentioning but absolutely not a deal-breaker.

A few dissatisfied users have drawn attention to build quality but the way in which you care for your stroller has a serious impact here. It’s tough to say whether this is a genuine concern or the result of heavy-handedness. We’d highlight the fact that Peg Perego offers a robust 2-year warranty so you can buy without any real headache knowing your investment is protected just as surely as your triplets are.

We’ll round out with a look at the pros and cons of the Peg Perego Triplette so you can see where it stands and falls. And the plus points seriously outweigh the small niggles as you’ll quite clearly see…

  • Winning combination of sleek, understated aesthetics along with unimpeachable brand heritage for a stroller that makes a real statement
  • Oversized wheels incorporating full suspension and highly efficient bearings allow you to move with relative nimbleness considering the size and bulk of this stroller
  • 3 car seats included with no need for adapters which boosts overall value while adding a layer of convenience
  • Fully reclining backrests on the seats so your triplets can nap in fine style
  • Tweak the positioning of the seats so they face to the front or back according to preference offering much more flexibility than most multi-child strollers
  • Ruthlessly expensive coming in at more than triple the price of much of the competition but worth every cent if your budget will stretch to it


As you’ll see, that sticker-shock is just about the only meaningful negative we can level at the Triplette stroller and even that can be easily flipped into an advantage… You really should consider overall value and user experience above the bottom line when you’re looking for a multi-child stroller. After all, pushing along triplets is challenging enough anyway so why make it harder on yourself? We’d argue that, despite the cost, this stroller makes a first-class investment and, in honesty, the expense of a stroller pales into insignificance compared to the ongoing costs of triplets so if you have the budget, we would urge you to pop the Peg Perego Triplette at the very top of your shortlist.

Although it’s undeniably a sizeable stroller, that comes with the territory when you’re looking for a pram fit for three passengers. As far as any pram of this stature goes, while you won’t be able to turn on a dime you won’t feel like you’re pushing a lead weight either.

Despite the eye-watering price tag, considering the car seats and the brand heritage not to mention performance that beats pretty much anything on the market, you might feel the Peg Perego is the best investment you make in 2019. And if your toddlers could speak, they’d tell you exactly the same thing!

As we draw to a close with our best multi-child stroller reviews, we’ve changed things up to cater for those lucky parents with 4 kids to think about. Whether you’ve got quads, a pair of twins close in age or multiple passengers of roughly the same size, this 4-passenger stroller from Angeles gives you plenty of flexibility when you’re on the move.

What is the latest price for this seat?

We’ll make the usual disclaimer and state that you’re not ever going to get a jogger stroller when you have the needs of several passengers to consider. Thing is, you’re not likely to be hitting the trail for a run or expecting to take your quads for some off-road action either. For short trips on even ground, requirements are much more basic and the Angeles Bye-Bye delivers where it counts. Take a quick pit stop through the main features then read on to see why this is one of the best multi-child strollers in its class…


  • Weight: 77 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37 x 33 x 36 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 40 pounds per seat
  • Age Range: 6 months and above
  • Brake: Patented Comfort Grip System with hand and foot brakes

Coming somewhere between the budget territory of the Child Craft and the high-end luxe of the Peg Perego, the Angeles Bye-Bye is a supersized multi-passenger system catering for 4 toddlers with a weight capacity of 40 pounds per seat. This translates into a larger and heavier unit but that’s no more than you’d expect. We would say that wheeling this pram along feels pretty effortless considering.

As we often do, we’ll immediately highlight one of the small snags with this stroller. A number of users echo the sentiments we had when testing this pram. Try moving on flat ground or going up a slope and you’ll be congratulating yourself on this purchase. When you start going downhill, though, things become a little more difficult. In many ways, this is natural when you’re pushing a heavy weight and trying not to let it run away with you so given this issue, how do Angeles combat it?

Well the no-roll system in place gives you added security of knowing that no matter how this stroller feels when you’re pushing it downhill, you and your beloved charges are not going to run out of control and into any trouble. We also don’t want to overegg this problem since it’s really not something that should dissuade you from road-testing this quad stroller.

Conforming to all safety standards as you would expect, the locking foot pedal gives you a bit of added security and the harnesses will keep your toddlers safe in sound even if they’re prone to trying a Houdini act.

Seats offer a comfy ride while resisting staining and fading. They’re also very easy to clean so you won’t face the embarrassment of a soiled stroller when you meet friends for coffee. Just wipe the fabric down with baby wipes and you should easily spot-clean all but the most stubborn mess. For that, wait until you’re home and give the seats a quick scrub with some hot, soapy water and a sponge.

Removable canopies give you all the protection from the sun you need and more freedom if it’s a dull day and you want your toddlers to get more air.

Tires are more than serviceable for slightly rougher ground although due to the bulk, we wouldn’t recommend this or any other multi-passenger stroller for extended off-road forays. Gravel presents no real resistance so you’ll be all set for most reasonable use-cases.

Unlike a few weaker strollers in this class, assembly couldn’t be much easier and you’ll be ready to hit the road practically straight out the box.

Check out a capsule review of the upsides and drawbacks of the Angeles Bye-Bye before we get ready to say adios ourselves for the day…

  • 2 seats in front and 2 behind giving you a nice versatile seating arrangement in a space-saving stroller
  • Despite being reasonably heavy, you won’t feel like you’re pushing a dead weight so gets our vote for freedom of movement
  • Simple 3-step folding mechanism and breaks down into a fairly compact bundle for storage purposes
  • Fabric designed not to fade out after sun exposure and it’s also a breeze to clean
  • Extremely keen price considering the build quality and general performance from a brand you can trust
  • Width makes getting in and out of doorways relatively awkward so think carefully about your intended usage and whether or not this will prove a problem
  • A bit tougher to operate when going downhill but a cinch on level ground or going up inclines


If you’re looking for that elusive mixture of a multi-child stroller that won’t bankrupt you while not forcing you to tolerate an unacceptable experience in the quest for a bargain, the Angeles Bye-Bye hits that sweet spot perfectly…

From the braking system through to the rock solid frame, the easy-wipe seats to the nifty configuration, there’s little of note we can knock about this stroller and we could go on and on extolling its virtues. But we won’t since we value your time too much. Instead, check out our final multi-passenger stroller, again from Foundations and this time targeting parents with 4 kids. Once you’re done with that, you’ve got a pre-formulated shortlist that should take all the sting out of the tedium of selecting a suitable stroller for multiple toddlers. So read on, we’re nearly done…

We’ll tail off our multi-child stroller reviews with another model from the inimitable Foundations in the form of the Quad Sport. As the name makes abundantly clear, this pram will accommodate four toddlers in style and the best part? As with all prams coming from this stable, you won’t need to overcommit yourself financially leaving plenty of spare cash for the rampant expenses multiple births bring along with the unfettered joy of twins, triplets or quads.

What is the latest price for this seat?


  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Dimensions: 48 x 22 x 20 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 40 pounds per seat
  • Age Range: 36 months and below
  • Brake: Proprietary SafeBreak System

While we generally steer clear of reviewing multiple products by the same manufacturer, our hands were to a certain extent tied when looking at prams suitable for 3 or 4 infants. If you want a regular stroller, your choice is almost too great. The market is near-saturated with seemingly endless options When you go beyond double strollers, though, you end up in something of a bind. A handful of models come in at such a prohibitive price-point that we only tested one of these, the Peg Perego. After all, our aim is to provide something for everyone and the four-figure price tag automatically rules out many from making that choice. Beyond those upscale models, choice is quite limited. So, we made an exception today and focused on Foundations and Child Craft rather than picking out some sub-par prams just to make a point.

Maneuverability is everything you can expect from a larger stroller fit for several toddlers. The wheels might not be the largest but you’ll get a smooth ride due to the shock absorbers, crucial when you’re tooling along with several precious passengers over often uneven surfaces.

Padding on the seats strikes that rare and happy medium… It’s cushioned enough to give your infants a chafe-free ride but not so soft as to become tattered months after purchase. Cleaning is straightforward too so you can keep your Quad Sport looking fresh as a daisy for the several years of lifespan you can expect from it. You’ll get the usual 2-year Foundations warranty in place removing a great deal of anxiety from purchase.

The hand brake is something of an acquired taste but puts safety at a premium and that’s what counts. We personally found this trolley-style system a pleasure to use but if you read reviews of this stroller, many parents mention they find it too stiff or unwieldy. For us, we’d far sooner need to put in a bit of effort than spend our time worrying the stroller and its precious cargo will end up running away with us so you should think closely about what you want from a braking system since there’s no right or wrong answer here.

Since this stroller is extremely similar in overall functionality to the other Foundations model we reviewed, we’ll round out with a key differentiating factor…

Rather than small single canopies for each of the seats, you’ll get one roomy piece of fabric that covers all your infants and keeps them fully protected against those fierce rays. If you want to give a couple some air while the others nap covered up, you can roll it back slightly to make that happen.

We’ll break down the advantages and minor snag with this stroller before we serve up our verdict and leave you in peace for the day fully equipped to get yourself the best multi-child stroller the easy way…

  • Wheels come with first-rate shock absorption so your charges won’t be jarred around even on bumpy city streets
  • In-line stadium set-up maximized visibility for your toddlers while also acting as a space-saving configuration
  • Release the handle for brakes with Foundation’s innovative SafeBreak System
  • Oversized single canopy sets this stroller apart from the competition and offers wonderful protection against the elements while looking great into the bargain
  • Deeply padded seats that are also a cinch to clean and built to withstand some heavy punishment
  • The usual split opinions on the braking system prevail with this Foundations pram but we found it highly effective and user-friendly


If you keep an open mind and take some of the complaints leveled at these strollers with a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of reason, you can determine for yourself whether this would make the best fit for you and your toddlers.

Just like your choice of car is restricted if you absolutely need 7 seats, when you’re looking to wheel around multiple infants, you’re not going to get the same breadth of options as when you’re on the hunt for a single or double stroller. That said, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff so you’ve got several strong possibilities to choose from and we’ve hopefully saved you a great number of bum steers and dead ends.

This striking and neatly-designed multi-child stroller is a definite go-er and, as always, we’d advise testing it for yourself before purchase if this is practical so you can get a feel for it physically before committing to purchase. If not, take our word for it: the Foundations Quad Stroller is a solid pram at an almost unbeatable price so what’s not to love?

Final Word

We sincerely hope that these detailed multi-child stroller reviews have given you a solid base to work from and saved you a great deal of endless Googling and low quality reviews telling you every single product is “the best.” We try throughout to give you a balanced picture of these strollers so you can make up your own mind based on an honest appraisal rather than an incitement to buy, buy, buy. After all, we want you to think of our site as a go-to resource for car seats and strollers. We want you to bookmark us so whenever you’re thinking of upgrading your equipment you can come back to a site you can trust.

Let us know if you invest in any of these multi-child strollers and please give us your frank feedback on how you find the pram. We’re always updating our site and we welcome first-hand opinions to add to our rigorous testing and research.

Now take your pick and come back soon if you need some car seats to build out your stroller system further!

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