Best Jogger Stroller Reviews

If you’re fully committed to staying fit, whether that’s training for running competitions or simply staying fit by power walking around the neighborhood, we’ve got some good news for you…

There’s no need for your exercise program to suffer when you have children. Far from it.

Jogger strollers are multi-purpose prams that are equally at home on the trail or in the city. Most boast pretty much the same features which we’ve outlined like-for-like so you can compare them more easily.

We won’t give you any further information today on this stroller since we’ve compiled a single guide breaking down each type of baby stroller in more detail. We want to save you both time and money so we always keep things simple.

On that note, we’ll launch directly into our best jogger stroller reviews so you can get back to your morning run with the best equipment to help you on your way…

5 Best Jogger Stroller Reviews

We’ll kick off our best jogger stroller reviews with an expensive classic now available in this improved second generation, Thule’s Urban Glide 2.0. Vying for primacy with BOB for the best jogger stroller on the market, we’ll look today at how this uprated Urban Glide improves on the original.

What is the latest price for this seat?

Jogging Stroller Features

  • Weight: 25 ¼ pounds
  • Dimensions: 22 ¾ x 34 x 13 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 75 pounds
  • Age Range: 6 months and above
  • Brake: Twist hand brake

Kicking off with the enhancements, the primary change is the twist handbrake which gives you better control than ever, particularly if you’re negotiating uneven and hilly terrain. The twisting action rather than the squeezing that feels more intuitive takes a bit of getting used to but it’s a welcome safety feature that’s extremely effective.

The parking brake from the original Urban Glide is still in place and the oversized pedal sits between the wheels in back. While there are a number of gripes about this pedal not being designed for use with flip-flops or heels, be honest… How often do you go out jogging wearing that type of footwear? Beyond this, the initial stiffness wears off after a while so as long as you’re wearing running shoes, we don’t consider this a big deal and we haven’t marked down the Urban Glide by placing this in our list of Cons either.

Any jogger stroller needs to be highly maneuverable or it defeats the very purpose. The front wheel – this is a 3-wheeled model – swivels to maximize mobility but locks into position when you’re jogging giving you the best of both worlds.

A bit more about those wheels…

All 3 tires are air-filled, the front is a 12-incher while the back pair are 16 inches. You will need to invest in a regular air pump and

You can fine-tune the tracking if that single front wheel starts to pull and the rear suspension gives your beloved baby a cushioned ride even if you’re hitting the trail hard.

The canopy is another key selling point with this hard-hitting stroller. You can tweak it through several different positions which is perfect when you’re jogging back and forth and you need to protect your pride and joy from the sun whatever the angle. The new model has an integrated mesh panel to promote superior air circulation. Just because you’re getting hot and sweaty, your bundle of joy shouldn’t feel the same way. You can keep your eye on your baby through the window on top and the Velcro opens silently so you won’t disturb their sleep.

Many strollers are sorely limited in terms of the handlebar but you can adjust this one from 39 inches through 45 inches. We will say that while the foam is extremely comfy, it also absorbs sweat so you’ll need to clean it regularly if you don’t want it to degrade over time. There’s a runaway strap attached to the handlebar which is another valuable safety feature.

The seat measures 15 inches across and you’ll get fully 25 inches of clearance from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. This makes the Urban Glide 2.0 perfect for larger toddlers. The seat is slightly reclined rather than upright and from here you can move it until it’s almost flat.

Like all good 5-point safety harnesses, it’s a breeze for you to open but hard work for a child so you can rest easy knowing there will be no surprise Houdini acts when you’re merrily jogging along the beach.

Storage space is outstanding and the cover prevents any of your valuables from taking a tumble even if you’re hustling over rugged, uneven terrain. The pair of pockets in the seat are a nice touch and allow your child to keep any snacks close to hand. You’ll also get your own mesh storage pocket in the back of the seat so Thule covers all bases admirably.

If you want to use this jogger with a car seat, Thule have expanded compatibility to include more adapters from the major brands.

  • Copes with all type of terrain with consummate ease
  • Reflective strips on tires and canopy to enhance safety for you and your baby
  • Highly maneuverable even in tight and crowded spaces
  • Oversized canopy offers plenty of shade against fierce sun and mesh panel helps with air flow
  • Twist handbrake is perfect for slowing down or stopping the stroller
  • Expensive for a jogger stroller but still superb value for money
  • Seat is very slightly reclined rather than fully upright


Not everyone is looking for the cheapest jogger stroller and if you’ve got a fluid budget and demand nothing but the best, we really can’t recommend the Thule Urban Glide 2.0 highly enough.

Although there are a few minor drawbacks which we’ve highlighted, these are so slight as to be barely worth worrying about. If you want a sleek and robust vehicle for your baby that works well across all types of terrain and offers maneuverability and security in one understated package, why not give this fantastic jogger stroller a road test?

Next up in our best jogger stroller reviews is another rebooted model, this time the Zoom 360 Ultralight from Joovy.

What is the latest price for this seat?

While there are a swelling number of this type of stroller in what’s becoming a very crowded market, so many are sub-par that we decided to cull them into 5 of the very best. The Zoom 360 is worthy of a place on ay shortlist as we’ll break down in more detail after a glimpse at the main features.


  • Weight: 25 ½ pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 x 25 x 34 inches (folded)
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 75 pounds
  • Age Range: 3 months and above
  • Brake: Foot brake

The Joovy Zoom 360 gives you everything you’d expect from a jogger stroller coming in at a far higher price point but with added versatility. It also serves as a regular stroller once you unlock the wheel to allow for swiveling on the sidewalk. You’ll be able to maneuver this stroller with one hand and it’s pretty light at 25 ½ pounds although not exactly “ultralight” as the name states. With strollers more than most products, it always pays to take the marketing with a large pinch of salt. We’ll always give the honest lowdown so you can scythe through the hype and make sure you get the right stroller for your needs. In the interests of fairness, this new model is 10% lighter than the outgoing model.

As with all the best jogger strollers, you’ll get air-filled tires so your baby gets a completely cushioned ride while you hit the track or the trail. Inkeeping with the regulation design of this kind of 3-wheeled pram, the front wheel is 12 inches while the rear pair are 16 inches apiece. Swiveling capably on the street and locking into place when you want to run without your pram running away with you. The one let-down here is the aluminum spokes rather than the more robust plastic variety.

The foot brake is stiff and works best with running shoes but, let’s face it, that’s what you’re likely to be wearing anyway. There’s no handbrake to keep you in check on an incline.

You won’t be able to adjust the handlebar and it’s positioned at 41 inches off the ground. It’s wise to test this before buying because if you’re shorter than 5 feet 5 or taller than 6 feet, you might find it a little uncomfy. Our advice remains constant with strollers… Even if you plan to purchase your pram online, it always pays to pop to a store to give one a road test. Failing that, see if one of your friends has the model you’re after so you can get a feel for it before committing to purchase.

The seat is wide, high and super-comfy. The Joovy should be good for toddlers up to 6 years old so you won’t need to rush out and buy a second stroller. Where the seat is positioned higher than much of the competition, it can double up as a high chair. The drawbacks here are a lack of padding and a fabric that’s a little scratchy.

While you’ll get a deep recline, the need to use two hands to adjust a strap on either side of the stroller is a nuisance. If you’re looking for a seamless experience when you’re trying to multi-task on your morning run, it’s worth mulling over whether or not you’ll find this too much hassle.

There’s a neat mesh window to guarantee decent airflow and the footrest is also made from mesh. This makes it easy to clean although you can’t adjust it which is a disappointment.

Storage is ample but access could be improved without the bar running across. You’ll also enjoy a mesh pocket on the back of the stroller and your baby has a couple inside so you’ve got no snags with carrying all the supplies you need.

The 5-point safety harness is more than fit for purpose but, again, a lack of padding here is less than ideal. As your child grows and becomes less of a flight risk, you can adapt this into a 3-point harness which is a lovely touch.

This stroller folds down with the wheels detaching so it’s remarkably portable. If you pick up an adapter from one of the major brands, you can also use the Zoom as a travel system. We’ll be looking into the best travel systems in more detail over the coming weeks.

We’ll give you a snapshot of the principal advantages and drawbacks before delivering our verdict on this inexpensive jogger stroller that punches significantly above its weight…

  • Super-smooth ride even if you’re running at some pace on uneven terrain
  • Generous canopy offering all the shade your baby needs to you can run with a clear conscience
  • Storage basket gives you ample space for your baby supplies along with whatever you might need for your morning run
  • Recline seat in multiple positions and a great seat height so your child can enjoy plenty of visibility while you pound the trail
  • Lightweight aluminum frame that’s also remarkably rugged
  • Two-hand strap recline is pretty tasky and a disappointment in a stroller where convenience should be uppermost
  • Since the fabric is not removable, you’ll be restricted to spot cleaning which is less than ideal
  • No handbrake


If you’re looking for a high-class jogger stroller without needing to spend a fortune, the new and improved Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight might not be as light as the name suggests, but it’s a rock-solid choice for discerning moms on a tighter budget.

We’ve tried to honestly highlight some of the flaws so you can go in with your eyes wide open. The only potential deal-breaker is that tasky reclining mechanism. If you can overlook that, though, you’ll get a nimble and maneuverable pram you can use as a travel system with newborns then right on through to 6+.

The best news? If you act swiftly, the Zoom is currently available at an attractive discount!

No collection of the best jogger stroller reviews would be complete without an entry from industry heavyweight BOB. The Revolution Flex is another hybrid model that works equally well whether you’re pounding the pavement or strolling down city streets.

What is the latest price for this seat?

The Flex, like the Pro, is a revamped version of the enduringly popular Revolution SE. While they say you should never change a winning team, we feel the improvements are worthwhile with all the favorite parts left intact so the enhanced model really is a win-win for you, the consumer.

We’ll highlight the main features so you can compare this model to the competition at a glance then laser in on where the BOB Revolution Flex stands and falls…

Running Stroller Features

  • Weight: 28 ¼ pounds
  • Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 43 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 75 pounds
  • Age Range: Newborns (with car seat adapter and seat) upwards
  • Brake: Foot brake

Although this stroller is a little heavier than much of the competition and will serve you best when you’re out running, it’s still flexible enough to be multi-purpose. The swivel wheel locks into place for added stability when you’re running and you can unlock it when you need increased maneuverability in a crowded environment.

It’s that weight and bulky size even when folded that makes it more problematic to pop into your trunk or carry around so think carefully about how you will use this pram and make sure that sits well with you.

Despite carrying a few extra pounds, you’ll still be able to tip this stroller back pretty easily and rolling resistance is low, class-leading in fact. The smooth, air-filled tires follow the 1 x 12-inch and 2 x 16-inch standard of these 3-wheeled stroller variants. The high-impact polymer gives you a little added confidence if you’re running on uneven terrain. When the going gets even rougher, just lock the wheels in place to prevent any unwanted play. Adjustable tracking allows you to sidestep any misalignment with ease. Also adjustable, the suspension is perhaps the key selling point of this hard-hitting jogger stroller and your baby will feel cushioned from any impact and you can focus on your training goals with a clear conscience.

Suspension is very much that you’d find on a mountain bike and this is crucial when you’re running on uneven ground and you want to make sure your baby doesn’t experience a jarring ride.

The seat is nicely padded and reclines practically flat. It’s 14 ½ inches wide and measures 23 inches from the base to the top of the canopy.

Thinking of the canopy, this two-paneled beauty extends to give complete coverage and it’s hands-down one of the very best examples you’ll find. If you live somewhere baking hot, you’ll find few jogger strollers can compete with BOB on this front. The window lets you keep a close eye on your charge without breaking your stride. There’s no magnetic closure but this is a minor snag and something we’re confident BOB will remedy in the next iteration.

An unfortunate number of jogger strollers give you no leeway at all with the handlebar. You’ll be able to rake the bar on the BOB through 9 different height settings so, unless you’re unusually short or tall, you should find that sweet spot that enables you to run comfortably while retaining perfect control of your stroller and precious cargo. The wrist strap is a valuable extra giving you peace of mind as you focus on your morning run without worrying about a runaway situation.

The comfy and well-padded seat can be reclined almost lateral with one hand. If you’re prioritizing ease of use on the buying trail, this simple mechanism is a factor not to be overlooked.

The outgoing model accommodates kids up to 70 pounds and this has been boosted to 75 pounds which should be more than enough for most reasonable needs. This stroller seat can hold newborn babies with an insert but it’s not a smart move to go out jogging until your little one is perhaps 9 months old.

As with all the best jogger strollers, storage gives you enough scope for all your normal baby supplies along with anything you might need for your morning run. The mesh pockets let you stash anything your kid needs close to hand and nicely secured.

We’ll briefly highlight the main pros and cons of the BOB Revolution Flex before delivering our verdict.

  • Highly responsive steering so perfect if you go running on tight and twisty trails
  • Substantial canopy with a pair of panels providing full coverage when it’s called for, perfect for those lengthy runs in the blazing sun
  • Fine-tune handlebar through 9 settings to ensure the optimum position regardless of your height
  •  Seat is wide, comfy and sufficiently padded for your beloved bundle of joy to ride in comfort at all times
  • Redesigned storage basket even bigger than ever and low-slung for easy access
  • Doesn’t self-stand when it’s folded which is an annoyance
  • Relatively awkward to lift and carry so be clear about your intended usage since this model works best as a dedicated jogger stroller


The BOB Revolution Flex takes all the ingredients of the previous model and adds a few nifty improvements to serve up a superb jogger stroller at a very reasonable price-point. While it might be tempting to hunt down the most expensive models in this glutted market, if you want all the functionality of an upscale stroller from a brand you can trust without overextending yourself financially, this twist on a classic is a must.

Although it’s best used expressly for jogging, it will also serve a turn on the street and, as long as you’re aware it won’t stand up when it’s folded and you don’t mind a little extra weight, you and your baby will get the ride of your life. And you’ll also have plenty of spare cash for those neverending expenses that arrive with any newborn!

With these best jogger stroller reviews, we’ve tried our best to cover a broad cross-section of price-points since we’re acutely aware everyone has varying budgets and needs. It would be pretty pointless to hit only the 5 most expensive strollers so we’ve got something up next that’s decidedly pocket-friendly without stiffing you on the performance front.

What is the latest price for this seat?

That said, we’ll be perfectly frank throughout about where this stroller falls down so you can decide whether it makes sense for your requirements. There’s nothing wrong with cheap strollers depending on your intended usage. The first thing we’d like to make abundantly clear is that if you’re a committed runner with a vigorous program, this really isn’t the stroller for you. If you’re a more casual jogger, though, read on to see if you consider that the upsides outweigh the disadvantages…


  • Weight: 23 ½ pounds
  • Dimensions: 47 x 21 x 41 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 50 pounds
  • Age Range: Newborns up to 5-year-old toddlers
  • Brake: Double-action foot brake with 2 pedals

Any jogger stroller needs to cope with a broad spread of terrains from bumpy and uneven cobblestones in the city through mud and off-road tracks with stones and plenty of humps. You’ll get a superlight and maneuverable pram here and the lack of adjustable tracking is not such a sore loss since the Expedition managed to travel in a respectably straight line under its own steam. While it does pull somewhat at higher speeds, you can mitigate this by yanking backwards or turning slightly.

The swiveling front wheel locks into place as you’d expect as standard on any jogger stroller.

The canopy is nothing to write home about. If forced to use one word to describe it, that would be average. It doesn’t come down far enough to cover your baby’s legs properly and offers scant protection from the sides. All this combines to make this stroller a poor choice if you plan to spend lots of time running in extreme temperatures. Putting your baby’s wellbeing on the line is not worth any potential saving. That said, if you live somewhere with a more temperate climate, this is a non-issue.

You’ll be able to access the storage bin from all angles although the 5-pound capacity leaves something to be desired. The cupholders seem great on paper but they won’t house cups with wider bottoms so think about what you tend to use and think about this shortcoming. Again, it may not be relevant but we’re flagging it in case it is a flashpoint for you.

While you’ll need both hands for folding, the procedure is super-simple and when folded up it will stand in place, something that many more expensive jogger strollers miss the mark with.

Brakes are efficient and you’ll need to press down on a pair of pedals to engage them fully. Rough and decidedly sandal-unfriendly, we’d remind you that you’re wildly unlikely to be jogging in flip-flops anyway. Unlike many strollers, the brakes are not too stiff so the Expedition gets our seal of approval here where many models fall down dismally.

The 5-point harness is adjustable and gives you all the safety features you need without the padding that your baby would appreciate. It’s easy to buckle and unbuckle, though so all is not lost.

Take a quick glance at the leading plus points and the areas where this jogger stroller lets itself down to see whether it deserves a place on your shortlist or whether you’ll consign it to the unwanted bin and stroll on to the last jogger in our reviews. We’ll help make your mind up shortly with a honest verdict…

  • Top-notch maneuverability so you can navigate crowded streets with ease
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio even given a few minor drawbacks
  • Parent console and snack tray for your baby makes a winning combo
  • Although it’s a little rough, the fabric is highly durable and it’s draped over a rugged steel frame so you’ll get plenty of lifespan from this cheap jogger stroller
  • Extremely small footprint and remarkably light so perfect for running unencumbered
  • Not the best jogger stroller if you’re a serious runner but works well for power walks and light jogging
  • No suspension or adjustable tracking
  • Build quality is not the strongest but you need to be reasonable at this price-point


We have to consider the Baby Trend Expedition a qualified success although the price tag is undoubtedly its main attraction. As with any cheaper product, you can expect a number of flaws but that’s nothing unique to jogger strollers, simple economics. After all, if premium-grade strollers could be produced at budget prices, there would be no market for the more expensive alternatives.

We’ve tried not to be negative with this review focusing instead on obvious faults or problem areas and making it clear that they may or may not be a problem for you. With the purchase of any baby stroller, it’s imperative that you double down on your precise needs and that way you’ll get the best fit fuss-free. Shoot for a boilerplate solution and you’ll end up with an potentially expensive mistake.

If you want a maneuverable and lightweight stroller cut out for lighter running and you don’t mind a scaled-down canopy, we’d urge you to look into the Expedition and pop it on your shortlist. If any of the faults highlighted above would cause you concern or inconvenience, check out one of the other models we reviewed instead.

Certainly no lightweight at fully 35 pounds, the Schwinn Interval Jogger Stroller has plenty of plus points to compensate for that fuller form. As long as you don’t have a particularly small vehicle and you can cope with hefting the larger stroller up and into the trunk, this is pretty much the only serious negative.

What is the latest price for this seat?

Take a glimpse at the core features before we laser in on some of the ways in which the Schwinn Interval can enhance your exercise routine without making your baby uncomfortable, the twin pillars of any successful jogger stroller.


  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 ¼ x 20 x 35 ¼ inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 50 pounds
  • Age Range: 3 months and above
  • Brake: Foot brake

While you might expect anything made by Schwinn to come with a corresponding price tag, this jogger stroller is surprisingly cheap considering the quality and performance you’ll get in return. This model is proof positive that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a highly effective jogger stroller, nor do you need to dip out on comfort or safety in pursuit of a bargain.

Smooth riding is essential if you want to run unmolested by worry about your baby being rattled around. Although it might not be the best tool if you’re training for a marathon, for most regular runners, you’ll get a ride cushioned by the high-grade shocks and air-filled bike tires that’s better than many more upscale alternatives can offer. Whether you like to jog in the forest, along a sandy beach or up and down muddy trails, the Schwinn takes almost all terrain neatly in its stride allowing you to stride with more confidence.

The bearings promote greatly reduced rolling resistance so that pushing your stroller doesn’t take so much out of you that you have too little energy to run properly. The swiveling wheel locks into place when you simply want to barrel ahead in a straight line.

Weight capacity is a little more limited than some strollers with a recommended minimum of 15 pounds topping out at a mere 50 pounds.

The tires are in line with those you’d find on a bike and the polished bearings mean you’ll glide along with remarkably little resistance. As you run at full clip, your precious baby will be cocooned in a roomy cabin with more than enough storage on hand for all those necessities. You’ll get cup holders suitable for most vessels as well so you’ll have everything you and your toddler need within easy reach.

The handle is adjustable allowing you to settle on the angle that works best for you.

One of the major selling points is a canopy that makes sure your baby is completely protected from those harmful rays without feeling penned in due to the size of the interior and the extremely comfortable seat. Comfort is at a premium without for a moment sacrificing safety.

If you want to use a car seat, look for seats from Safety 1st, Eddie Bauer and Cosco, seats packing Quick Click functionality.

We’ll summarize the pros and cons of the Schwinn Interval before tailing off with today’s jogger stroller reviews after our unbiased verdict…

  • Roomy cabin to give your baby an unrestricted experience while you enjoy your daily run
  • Superbly cushioned seat means a comfy ride for your beloved baby even if you’re hitting rugged and uncompromising terrain
  • Storage bin gives you ample space while also easy to access from any angle
  • Oversized canopy delivering all the protection your baby needs from those dangerous UV rays allowing you to focus on your run
  • Performance shock absorbers are a wonderful bonus and no more than you’d expect from the king of the classic bike world
  • Heavy and also bulky so think about how you plan to use your stroller and the type of vehicle you have to avoid disappointment


Although the Schwinn Interval is undeniably heavy, this translates to a stroller than can stand up to some pretty serious punishment and is also built to last.

You’ll also get a great deal of space and comfort due to the overall dimensions so you should be clear about your intended usage and then determine whether a little extra heft is compensated for by the advantages this size confers.

If you’re a keen runner but not at competition levels of seriousness, this jogger stroller is a great compromise of budget and performance. Your baby will get a super-cushioned ride while you’ll be able to push it with relative ease even if it’s not the smallest or lightest model at your disposal. If you decide to invest in the Schwinn, please let us know how you get on as we’re always interested in feedback and we can incorporate any input from our readers into future reviews to help others benefit from your experience.

Final Word

With any luck, you’ve now got a balanced overview of a handful of the very best jogger strollers so you can whittle down your options without wasting your precious time heading down dead ends filled with trash products.

Throughout, we’ve openly drawn attention to any shortcomings in these strollers. There’s nothing worse than reading through reviews to see one product after the other described as nothing but the best then ending up with an unpleasant surprise after you’ve invested your hard-earned money in a dud.

We’ll continue our exploration of all different baby stroller variants over the coming weeks and if you want a detailed breakdown of the different options at your disposal, we’d urge you to check out our bumper buying guide where we pare these down into an easily scannable list.

Come back soon for more information on the best car seats and the best baby strollers so you can save time and money while we do the hard yards for you!

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