Best Booster Car Seats

Last Updated on March 21, 2019

Best Booster Car Seats

A booster seat is a car seat for a little child who has outgrown the typical car seat. Booster seats lift the tyke by a couple inches so they are tall enough to use the adult seat belt safely.  A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that a shocking number of booster seats don’t secure children in an accident.

Your child is ready for a booster seat once they reach a certain height that allows the seat belt to fit appropriately. The shoulder belt must sit evenly over the middle – not sliding off the shoulder or cutting into the face; the lap belt needs to rest firmly across  the hips, touching the highest points of the thighs.

The IIHS put a couple of supporters under serious scrutiny. We’ve highlighted a few of the best booster car seats.

Safety 1st Boost Air Protect

Searching for a limited, tall, high back booster seat? The Safety first Boost Air Protect may be for you. This booster seat offers high back and barebacked support. This seat was given a Best Bet rating from the IIHS in 2013 when utilized in high back mode.

One complaint is that the headrest did not bolt into the right spot well, but it only happened in rare occurrences.

The Safety Boost Air Protect can work incredibly in cars with that seat three in a row. It holds children 30 – 100 pounds. This booster seat retails for around $80.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Converts to backless booster
  • Pretty black, white and pink design
  • Two container holders.


  • Headrest doesn’t stay adjusted
  • Not as tall as some other boosters


The Boost Air adjusts according to its rider. There are peg-like modifications to the back of the seat. You haul the peg out to modify, and then set it back at the right height. These features make it compatible. It looks good and is priced right.

Kids Embrace Batman Booster Seat

While most other car seat organizations are creating designs that engage folks, Kids Embrace has been cornering the business sector on styles that speak to kids, which is likely a brilliant move. Batman may not be your thing, but if it gets your child excited for sitting in a booster seat, it can’t be a bad thing, right?

This booster seat retails for around $155.


  • Easy to strap child in
  • Straightforward belt steering
  • Premium LATCH connectors
  • Lightweight (useful for travel)
  • Narrow


  • Extremely thin beltway
  • Might be hard to use with long seat belts
  • Some errors in manual seat)
  • Unusual top tackles openings
  • Sometimes twisty tackle


The Kids Embrace seat is pretty simple and straightforward. There’s no peculiar steering or finicky lock-offs to manage. Be that as it may, there are a couple of things to remember. The overall structure of the seats is made to comfort the child with a fabulous ride.

Cybex Solution X-Fix Plus

In the wake of being suspended here in 2011, the Cybex Solution X-Fix is currently back on the American market with special European components and a firm  LATCH system for forward-facing seats.

High back boosters like the Cybex Solution X-Fix have headrests with shoulder belt advisers for keeping the shoulder belt off the  child’s neck and lap belt advisers for keeping the lap belt low over the youngster’s solid pelvic bones. Currently, the X-Fix comes in several different designs including Pure Black, Gray Rabbit and Purple Rain. The cover is machine washable but needs to be line dried. This booster seat is priced around $170.


  • Very thick padding in headrest, middle wings and the armrests for upgraded side protection.
  • Firm LATCH connectors that fit children of varying heights
  • Offers security and peace of mind
  • Portable
  • High quality


  • A bit large, creating a blind side while driving
  • Tall children will not be able to use this booster
  • No cup holders


Vehicle safety belts are intended to fit a normal 160 lbs., which is not your normal 4 – 12-year-old youngster. That is the reason we have booster seats. This booster seat offers superior protection for your child.


If you’re looking for a booster seat that is provides safety, comfort and quality, the Cybex Solution X-Fix is a great find and tops our list for first place. Although the seat can be difficult to remove because of the latch, it is just a minor inconvenience.

Second place goes to the Kids Embrace booster because what little boy doesn’t love Batman? All-in-all, you can’t go wrong with any of these three.

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