I`m Lisa - Author at Cars&Seats

Mother and Daughter with Baby in Car

I am a Care Giver and Nurse. While I haven’t been a mother for as long as I can remember, I have been babysitting since I was 16 and transporting kids since I was 18.

My better half, Jack, is an engineer in charge of leading safety control with a standout amongst the most recognized car seat names. He has been there nearly as long as he has been a parent.

Our family is continuously in a rush – we have sports, school, occupations, exercises, and family commitments. We additionally change cars a substantial amount, so we need to move the car seats forward and backward between cars.

My three youngsters are 5 and 2 years of age, which means I have experienced infinite kinds of car seats and cars. I’ve confronted what’s coming to me about seats both great and terrible. I’ve seen the patterns during the time that have gone back and forth.

My enthusiasm is discovering data, examining new items and forming reviews for car seats.

Shockingly, numerous individuals who aren’t fit audit the car seats in details are promoting fake details just to make a sale. I share only confirmed realities in view of personal experience.

Regularly, companies are glad to send me samples of their new car seats that I have looked into. I’m generally prepared to coordinate for no profit, as I want to encounter baby car seats in genuine conditions, as I continually should drive with my youngsters.

All car seats that I survey meet state norms. On the off chance that a car seat does not meet the models of the state, it would not get a passing score. Any seat that is observed to be awkward has come back to the producer with notes.

In spite of the fact that you can discover offshoot connects on this site for items, the principal objective doesn’t benefit. Rather it is to make an amazing, free asset devoted to car seats that are agreeable and safe transportation youngsters.

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