Disney DPT Convertible Car Seat Style and Safety

The Disney DPT Convertible Car Seat comes in both a Minnie and Mickey Mouse style, making it appealing to most children. The seat even comes complete with ears for an added level of cuteness.

As far as safety features go, the Disney DPT car seat stacks up to the other mid-lower price range car seats on the market. It incorporates the side impact protection and LATCH installation, which is much simpler and safer than some alternatives.

The Disney DPT car seat even includes two cup holders, which adds to the convenience. But, even if a child does spill something, the cover is machine washable and simple to remove for cleaning.

Weighing in at only 12 pounds, the Disney DPT car seat is also extremely portable. It is, however, still fairly wide and accommodates toddlers up to 40 pounds in weight.

Perhaps the main draw of this seat, though, is simply the adorable design. The Minnie version is pick and black and the Mickey version is red and black; both come with ears.


Besides the cute design, the Disney DPT convertible car seat incorporates all the necessary features of a modern car seat. While all car seats must reach a certain level of safety legally, it is nice to see many car seats going slightly farther to incorporate things like the LATCH installation. Some features for this seat include:

  • Rated for children up to 40 pounds in weight
  • Side impact protection
  • Two cup holders
  • Five point harness
  • Disney design
  • Weight: 12 pounds


  • Cute Minnie or Mickey Mouse design
  • The seat is easy to install in both rear and front-facing directions
  • The cover is machine washable and does not shrink
  • The seat is easy to adjust and buckle for different sized children


  • Not enough padding to keep the child comfortable during long car rides
  • The mouse ears are not attached and do not adjust in height with the straps
  • The seat is not tall enough for growing children, so they will outgrow it before hitting the weight limit
  • When installed in the front-facing position, the seat leans back at a strange angle making it uncomfortable for infants


The Disney DPT convertible car seat is definitely one of the most adorable car seats on the market and also manages to incorporate many good features. Even though one of its primary draws is certainly the Minnie and Mickey Mouse designs, it does stack up to modern safety standards as well.

Besides the design itself, the Disney DPT car seat has the added bonus of being extremely portable and light weight. The weight also makes the seat easier to install and more manageable if you plan on moving it between vehicles.

There are some major drawbacks to this seat owing primarily to the lower cost manufacturing and lighter weight materials. It seems that with this seat, the weight can be both positive and negative.

Comparisons/Possible Alternatives

An alternative to the Disney DPT car seat is the Safety 1st Guide 65 convertible car seat. It is in the same price bracket as the Disney DPT car seat, but has some different features.

Although it lacks the fun design of the Disney DPT car seat, the Guide 65 is rated for children up to 65 pounds and the harness can be adjusted to five positions. Although it’s still light weight (14 pounds), the Guide 65 seems a bit more substantial and incorporates more padding than the Disney DPT car seat.

Another good alternative is the Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat. It’s similarly priced as the other two seats, but incorporates some features from each seat.

While it is rated for children up to 40 pounds like the Disney DPT car seat, it is more adjustable for growth like the Guide 65. It has a five point harness, but it also has two crotch buckle locations, which keeps it comfortable for children of all sizes.


Overall, the Disney DPT convertible car seat stands up well against other seats in its category. It has all the necessary safety features to keep your child safe, while still being affordable and cute.

There are some major drawbacks to this seat, such as the lack of padding and low upper weight limit. The design of the seat, however, added with the features it does have, makes this a good mid-lower range seat option for most children.

If you are looking for a good, reasonably priced seat with all the necessary features, the Disney DPT convertible car seat will definitely fit the bill. Also, since it is so light weight, it is a great option for parents who need to switch the seat between cars often.

Overall, although it certainly has some flaws owing to its less expensive status, the Disney DPT convertible car seat is a great value. Plus, the adorable designs cannot be beat.

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